Hi, I’m T1J.

I’m an online content creator and creative entrepreneur. Currently, my main gig is producing video essays on the YouTube platform, where I’ve received over 9 million video views and grown an audience of over 140,000 subscribers.

My videos are typically opinion essays, where I attempt to start thoughtful conversations with my viewers about everything from politics, to philosophy, to pop culture.

My goal is to encourage skepticism and critical thinking while also prioritizing compassion and respect for other human beings.

Occasionally, one of the topics I cover is a bit controversial, but I believe we need to find ways to have important discussions about tough topics without being combative and divisive, and that’s what I aim to do with my videos.

I also do a weekly live show, where I chill and interact with my viewers in real time. This is a great way for fans of my channel to ask me questions and get immediate answers. The questions can range from my views on Donald Trump’s latest scandal or my favorite cartoon character.

I’ve been profiled and mentioned in several online outlets such as NewRockstars, Forbes, and Upworthy.


On the more personal side, I’m 30-something years old and I live in Birmingham, Alabama in the United States. I love autumn colors like red and orange, and my favorite food is chicken fingers. Thanks to my awesome supporters, I have the greatest career in the world, so nothing I do feels like work. But when I’m not “working” I enjoy playing video games (especially fighting games) and having a beer with my friends.

If you’d like to know more about me, check out the FAQ or tune in to one of my weekly livestreams!